WenChen Plastic was founded in 1991, in the Dayuan District of Taoyuan City (Taiwan), and engaged professionally in the manufacturing and processing of plastic bags. The raw materials are supplied directly by the top domestic petrochemical suppliers in Taiwan, or imported from the distributors across Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. With the rise of environmental awareness, our company has upheld the concept of sustainable development and environmental protection accordingly; thereby a ‘plastic pellets factory’ was established in 2011, in the LuZhu District in Taoyuan City. The environmentally friendly recyclable raw materials come from across the country and are imported from throughout Europe, America, Japan and Korea to regenerate PE pellets. Our company is now a specialized manufacturer that has a production line in plastic products manufacturing and plastic resources recycling.

Our main products include a variety of plastic bags. These include high or low density bags, anti-static bags, vest bags, waist bags, zipper bags, OPP sealing tapes, cotton gloves, plastic cups, napkin packages and PE film. We produce plastic products; and no matter if it’s biological technology, chemistry, textile, paint, resin, semiconductor, medicine, electron, paper making, plastics, rubber, glass, food, logistical, department store, or vehicle components, our company can provide customized expert service to fit in with the needs of the customer. Additionally, our company recycles and sells PE pellets, PE plastic products, packing machines, sealing machines, and related machinery.

Since its establishment over twenty years ago, our company upholds the management concept of acting with integrity and honesty, assuring quality as a priority, and being a customer-driven, sustainable operation. As of now, the company has fifty facilities, including pulverizer, granulator, film blowing machine, sealing and cutting machine, printing machine, blender mixer, and specialty machine. From the material selection to mechanical manufacture with the real output, it is a one-stop operation with product quality checked at each level in the market, where every minute counts to help customers ensure success. All factories operate twenty-four hour, year round to deliver goods on-time and uphold our high reputation. With the support of a large group of customers, WenChen Plastic ceaselessly breaks through the tradition and steps towards the diversified and creative international market, thus our company gains high evaluation of large, medium and small enterprises in domestic and international markets and becomes long-term collaborative partners with customers. With regard to the future, our company will continue to support products, talents, and technology innovation as well as provide better products in line with customer needs as we look to expand markets and sell products all around the world.